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Residential Sealcoating

Few things improve the curb appeal of a home like sealcoating the driveway. We offer a sealcoating service that is unbeatable. We use only the best material sold on the market, and pride ourselves in using extensive preparation methods and the very best spray application for a unique, velvet finish.

Commercial Sealcoating

In recent years asphalt emulsion based coatings have been introduced with varying degrees of success. In fact, many sealer manufacturers that previously produced only refined coal tar sealers now also produce asphalt-based sealers or even asphalt/refined coal tar blends. The asphalt emulsions deliver most of the same properties as refined coal tar-based coatings -except for the resistance to color fading due to ultraviolet degradation, salts, and petrochemicals like oils, fats, grease and solvents. These deficiencies are inherent in the asphalt binder itself. Being a petroleum derivative, asphalt has a natural affinity for petrochemicals, so it is easily dissolved by them. Asphalt emulsion-based coatings are made using either a soap emulsion (SS-1-H, for example) or clay stabilized emulsions. Both types are suitable but the properties of clay stabilized emulsions can be controlled better through selection of the right ingredients.

In recent years sealcoat manufacturers have been quite successful refining the performance of asphalt emulsion sealers through the use of specialty chemicals and pigments. But asphalt emulsion’s resistance to petrochemicals and solvents - while improved - has yet to be overcome.

In spite of this deficiency, sealcoaters have recognized some definite advantages of asphalt emulsion over refined coal tar sealers: Asphalt emulsion sealcoats are more "user friendly," practically odorless, and do not irritate and burn the skin (features especially important for people with respiratory conditions or sensitive skin). It is noteworthy, however, that the Federal Aviation Administration Specifications (P-625, 627 and 628) accept only refined coal tar-based sealcoatings for use on airport projects, because the refined coal tar based sealcoatings offer greater resistance to jet fuel.