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Join Our Team!

Kickin’ Asphalt Paving Limited is a full-service asphalt, paving, and maintenance company that continues to grow. We are seeking new employees who have the experience and knowledge on Roadway and Parking Lot Paving. If you are interested in working for a dedicated, family-owned asphalt company with great benefits give us a call today at 720-431-8925.

We Are Looking For:
  • CDL licensed driver, class A & B (Experienced)
  • Paving Machine Operator (Experienced)
  • Sealcoating operator (Experienced)
  • Bobcat operator (Experienced)
  • Roller Operator (Experienced)
  • Striping Operator (Experienced)
commercial paving

Why Work for Kickin’ Asphalt

  • Family Owned & Operated (4th Generation)
  • Competitive Pay
  • Medical & Dental Benefits
  • Fully Insured Company
  • Training Available for all employees

If You Don’t Call Us…
It’s Your Own Asphalt

Call to Schedule Your Free Estimate