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Maintain Your Lot With Our Professional Services

The team at Kickin' Asphalt Paving understands the importance of maintenance and spot repairs for your driveway and parking lots. By keeping up with maintenance, you will increase the life of your lots while reducing expensive repair costs. We specialize in parking lots and have the know-how to extend your asphalt’s lifetime. Our highly trained foremen ensure the job is completed quickly and efficiently. To learn more about what maintenance services we offer, call our representatives.


How to Maintain Your Asphalt

We recommend yearly pavement inspections from our staff to promptly address any issues. Emergency repairs happen, and when they do, trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have the expertise needed to handle the repairs. Our maintenance and repair services include:

Infrared Asphalt Repair

We use infrared technology to heat asphalt until it's soft enough to blend seamlessly. This is a practical method for noticing uneven surfaces and small cracks forming.

Parking Lots

A parking lot in excellent condition shows customers that you are dedicated to their experience. We provide full-service asphalt paving and will create a maintenance plan to keep up with your professional image.

Speed Bumps

If speeding is a significant concern to your business, then speed bumps can help. These will slow down traffic to help protect people and the surrounding property.


If your parking lot or driveway is starting to crack or has holes forming, then asphalt patching can help. We'll fill in the cracks and gaps to ensure a smooth surface.


Probably one of the most common road hazards you'll encounter. Use our services to keep you and your customers driving on seamless pavement.


Utilize our concrete services to keep your sidewalks even and looking brand-new. An adequately lined and curbed sidewalk can increase the overall look of your small business.

Curb Striping

The perfect finishing touch on any freshly paved or sealcoated asphalt. Over time the lines will fade, but we can keep your parking lot perfect for customers to maximize your space.

Asphalt Repair

Both asphalt and concrete are prone to cracking and splitting over time due to spills, shovels, and other tools. They are susceptible to expansion and contraction from temperature changes throughout the year. These fluctuations can allow water to find its way through the porous surface and deeper into the material and freeze creating cracks and holes. Our foremen have the expertise to swiftly handle repairs such as these. Be sure to call us to find out how we can help you.

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